The Creative Process

Here is some insight on what it is like to work with me on a project!


The Creative Brief

A creative brief allows me to learn things that I don't know as far as messaging, target audience, deadlines, and more.  Here are some question I ask.
Feel free to download them!

  • What do you want to express?
  • What sets you apart?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Doing the Research

I will dig into all the material provided to get information on your competitors, Once I have gained enough insight into the industry and market I will start brainstorming my clients potential with their customers.

  • Market Audience
  • Trends
  • Competitors


Great! We've had a creative brief and I have done my research so now it's time for me to begin brainstorming relevant design ideas.

Every aspect of a design from typography, colors, and verbiage is essential to sending out the right message to viewers. 

Sketching It Out

Here is where things get super fun! At this point I am producing rough sketches of my ideas from paper and pencil to the computer.

When I have a strong idea I will mock them up digitally to prepare for a presentation and sending it over to a client with a detailed explanation of each concept. Once we are set on a particular idea, we are on a roll.

Building The Look

Yay! It's time to crank up the design of choice. Here I mix and match color palettes, typography couples, and layout variations. 

After I have a few down, I will send to my client for approval. 

Refining The Final Design

Now that I have the final design, I will prepare the design for output. Whether it be digital or print delivery all of our bases will be covered. You will receive packed and labeled files with the correct specifications. 

CONGRATS! We are done!